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52” x 172”
3rd Quarter of the 19th Century

Jerga was woven in 19th Century Spanish Colonial New Mexico in long lengths or “yardage”. It was considered a utilitarian type cloth, woven in a twill fabric structure, and can be seen in old photographs being used for carpet in a wealthy household or tied up in bundles to transport goods on the back of a burro. It was also exported in large amounts from New Mexico throughout the Spanish Colonies. Originally woven in natural brown and white wool, lengths of the fabric are occasionally found fabric dyed in red when aniline red became available.

Because of it’s utilitarian nature, 19th century Jerga is rare to find in good condition. This particular length of Jerga is 52″ wide and over 14 feet long! Only one side (the length is folded in half) is pictured in this listing. A must have for any collector of Spanish Colonial textiles.

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