Classic Rio Grande Blanket


50” x 89”
Dates to the 3rd Quarter of the 19th Century.

Tapestry banded Rio Grande Blanket. Hand spun Churro with indigo, natural light and dark yarn.
Woven in two widths with wool warps.

A suspected “Criado” (servant) blanket likely woven by a Navajo captive working in a Hispanic household and woven on a European treadle loom. Terraced quartered diamonds at the center band and terraced “ric-rac” bands are common Navajo design devices and techniques, not commonly employed by Hispanic weavers. During the 19th century, captive taking was a widespread practice by all cultures in the region and the most sought after “Criado” was a Navajo girl or woman between the ages of 12-20. Navajos were highly skilled, industrious textile artisans and it is believed that a great many Rio Grande Blankets were woven by Navajo weavers taken captive and later introduced as servants to Hispanic families in the interest of textile production.

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